New Headache for RajinikanthGoing by his present health condition, it was long expected that Rajinikanth’s recent announcement about not floating a political party in the upcoming elections didn’t come as a surprise. However, a section of his fans isn’t happy with the decision.

Those fans who aren’t happy with Rajinikanth’s decision decided to hold a protest on 10th January against their superstar’s recent announcement. This became a new headache for the superstar and therefore, District Secretary of South Chennai has to issue a public statement.

He warned the fans not to hold protests and those who participate aren’t real fans. The district secretary also warned that strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who participate in the protest. Already, there had been a protest in front of Rajini’s residence right after his announcement.

Rajinikanth came up with a new concept, spiritual politics and there was huge curiosity from the observes as they didn’t comprehend what it could be. Now that the superstar isn’t going to be in electoral politics, even that idea of spiritual politics would be put to rest.