New film on Rajinikanth and his best friend

Kannada film “One Way” will narrate the friendship story between superstar Rajinikanth and his best pal Raj Bahadur. The film, which will also be released in Tamil as “Oru Vazhi Saalai”, will revolve around the relationship between them.

Raj Bahadur said the story will capture his relationship with the superstar since their theatre days. It will be about how their relationship has lasted over the years even though they’ve aged. He wanted to make the film with no references to Rajini, his name or photos but they couldn’t avoid it.

Raj is playing one of the leads in the film, which will feature a yet-to-be-revealed actor in the role of superstar. He said that they want to keep the actor playing Rajinikanth a secret. Audiences can come to the theatres to find out who has played the role. He also said that they are not trying to cash in on Rajini’s popularity but use it to send across strong message to the society through this film

The film, which is gearing up for release, has been directed by Rushi. Raj said that Rajini is kicked about the film and is waiting to watch it together when the film releases.