Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has a new CEO, Rakesh Kumar, an ex employee in Indian Railways. Rakesh who replaces Pankaja Thakur as the CEO says the films today are become unnecessary vulgar and gory. He says that he couldn’t sit through some films completely with his family that were given even U/A. The censor board has become somewhat lenient and allowing some films to pass through, such things will not happen in future or else,’ I’ll walk out’, he says.

Censor Boards in India are notorious for the ways they operate. Some films despite fine content get revision while other with even vulgar content gets a pass. There have been various controversies related to the board all the time with few quitting it under the pressure. It’s a tough job, one has to wait and see how Rakesh Kumar handles this position as he seems to suggest very stringent measures coming up.