Like any other other industry, even in the film industry it is natural that new blood replaces the old one regularly and gradually. Of late there is a lot of intake of new age comedians into Telugu films though Brahmanandam still remains the Comedy King of Tollywood. Some of the younger generation comedians are making their presence felt and cashing on the fact that Brahmanandam is getting repetitive.

Like every senior actor Brahmi can foresee he being replaced by someone who can be better than him. He understands that audiences might get bored of his style of comedy and would want a variation. He welcomes the change and is happy that many new comedians are making their place. At the same time Brahmi indirectly blames audiences, “In fact, it is time for change as the audiences these days don’t understand complex Telugu words. So new comedians must enter the scene and give them what they want.”

But if we carefully observe all Brahmanandam’s recent releases, did he really use that complex language which the audience couldn’t comprehend? Then why put the blame on audiences that they can’t understand complex Telugu words and that is not the reason for the entry of new comedians. Like Saptagiri who is called Junior Brahmanandam these days, there are many who are showing novelty and have got something refreshing for the audience.