New Age Comedian Rahul Ramakrishna Takes Over This WeekTwo films aka ‘Brochevaarevarura’ and ‘Kalki’ released parallelly this week and there was a commonness in both the films. It’s comedian Rahul Ramakrishna playing almost the parallel lead in the above-mentioned two films.

He has his unique style of comedy timing that he didn’t copy from any of the previous comedians. More than the comedy timing, there is naturalism in his act that connects him with the audiences, big time. He has been rocking with his comedy, since his noticeable role in ‘Arjun Reddy’.

Now with this week’s two releases, the talk about the actor is everywhere. He has done a fantastic job in both the movies and added value to the proceedings of the movies with his presence.

Gradually, the actor is turning one of the major assets for films that have come up with author-backed roles for Rahul Ramakrishna. It’s clearly understood that he is ready to take over the mantle of being the star comedian of Tollywood, very soon.