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I Never Commented on Actress’ Size – Anchor Ravi

I Never Commented on Actress' Size - Anchor RaviAnchor Ravi is infamous for the way he addresses female co-anchors and there is quite a negative talk on the way he behaves with female anchors. What is his take on the numerous controversies surrounding him?

Talking about these controversies in a recent interview, Ravi’s tone was that of aggressiveness and he seemed to be in a mood to prove that society is wrong in accusing him of the way he behaves and he is totally correct in his own right. He says that he never commented on actresses’ sizes or colour.

The way he said is enough to say what he thinks about women, in particular. He seems to be forgetting that it is a public platform and one can’t talk anything he/she likes. Comparing the censorship of cinema and television is another thing.

When people had no problem to watch Puri Jagannadh‘s films in which heroines are addressed as ‘Osey’, ‘Emey’ etc like in the movie ‘Idiot’, why do audiences have any problem with him? This is his argument. He accords these controversies as attention seeking tidbits created by a few websites and Youtube channels. Really?