While many are still reeling from the shocker that was the first look, the makers of PK starring Bollywood star Aamir Khan have revealed another interesting bit of info for promotion of the film. Using standees at malls and multiplexes is going on for a long time. Many different things are tried to make these standees exciting like giving it 3D effects or having codes hidden in it that could be used for recharge purposes or glowing standees etc. Now for the first time we will have talking standees for the film PK.

It is not known in affirmative whether the standees would be made out of the first look picture or not but the things that has been confirmed is that a voice would be heard whenever someone approaches near it. This is a first of its kind in India and just the mention is already making people excited about it. Wonder whose idea is it, the makers of the film or Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan. PK is the most awaited release of the year as it brings together the sensational pair of director Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan together after 3 Idiots.