Almost a week ago we had reported that how Mega family had the chance to see never seen before kind of dominance if Race Gurram holds up for another week before the arrival of Manam. And Race Gurram did exactly that before the arrival of Manam and has in the process helped the ‘Mega’ family achieve some unheard before kind of box office success.

For starters the top 4 grossing films in Telugu film industry now belongs to Mega family with Race Gurram finding place at the fourth position. Needless to say this is the highest grossing film in Allu Arjun’s career but on the opening day of the film even he couldn’t have imagined such a position for sure.

Now look at this unbelievable scenario in areas like Nellore and Uttar Andhra. In these two areas seven among the top ten grossing films are from the ‘Mega’ family. What is even more special is that it’s the first seven positions that they have occupied. These two areas along with Nizam have been super strong areas for the Mega movies but never before in the past has such domination been witnessed.

However the important thing that must be remembered here is the addition of Allu Arjun into the Mega family. Without him or the superlative performance of his film, these records could not have been possible. Allu Arjun who was considered as an add-on to the Mega family earlier is now seen as a part of the clan and this performance at box office adds to this view. With good films lined up for the star, expect Allu Arjun to be a major pillar for Mega family going forward.

How many of you think the actor can top the performance of Race Gurram, critically and commercially, with his upcoming film in Trivikram Srinivas’s direction. Imagine how it would be if the actor achieves that feat.