Sandeep Reddy VangaSandeep Vanga may be the only director in recent times to have made films on the same subject in two languages and made them big hits in both the industries. His heroes (Vijay Deverakonda and Shahid Kapoor) are often eccentric which may have worked for the films.

But Netizens feel the director seems to be trying to emulate the same attitude in the real life as well. The other day, Sandeep tweeted about Pushpa. He is in all praise for the movie. Naturally, he is entitled to have such an opinion like anyone.

Pushpa or for that matter, any film can not be liked or hated by everyone equally. But then, Sandeep does not endorse that. He says Pushpa is not a film for the commoners like all of us and only Filmmakers are entitled to Review it.

Netizens are trolling him hard for what they call it a ‘overaction’. They question if commoners like them can watch the film or it is reserved only for film makers. The reactions are not about Pushpa but is only about the attitude of the filmmaker. Some feel one flop and the director will get back to ground very soon.