Netflix Spares Indian Users From Password Sharing Price HikeOTT giant, Netflix had been trying really hard to crack the Indian OTT market. The OTT giant has lowered subscription prices in India, as compared to other countries.

Now, Netflix has spared Indian users from the password-sharing price hike that it has now enforced in the USA.

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Netflix users who have an active subscription can’t share their Netflix passwords with people outside their households. Sharing the password can now lead to a ban on the account.

If a person with an active subscription intends to add another member, then he/she will have to pay an additional $7.99 per month for each additional user.

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Netflix will be using IP-mapping to determine the usage of the Netflix accounts. Unauthorized usage will lead to account suspension, as mentioned earlier.

But the lucky thing for the Indian folk is that Netflix hasn’t yet enforced this rule in India. For the time being, Indian users can share their passwords. Will Netflix soon crack down on the same and ban password sharing in India as well? We shall wait and see.

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