Netflix, Prime for AP, Theaters for TG: What an Idea Sirji!Mega brother Nagababu is back at it again. He made his voice heard about the ongoing feud between YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan. He wants the entire Telugu film industry to stand up for Jagan.

“If need be, Tollywood should not release any films in AP as long as Jagan is CM. He anyways wants to oppress the film industry. Use Amazon Prime and Netflix to screen your film. Use geo telecast technology to stream your films only in AP region. Release them in theatres across Telangana, where the state government is much more considerate and cares for us,” Nagababu said.

Adding further, Nagababu says making films for OTT consumption would be more feasible. “Instead of asking 150 working days, ask a hero for 60 days and complete the film in quick time. This way production costs go down. Star heroes can do 3 OTT films in the time they usually take to do 1 theatrical film. In the end, they make as much money.”

Well, exploring the OTT option is not as easy as it sounds. Geo telecasting a film on OTT in AP and then simultaneously releasing it in theatres in Telangana might not be a feasible idea. Piracy will come into play here. Also, convincing exhibitors and distributors in AP for the same will be near impossible.

Needless to say, convincing Tollywood producers to lose a major theatrical revenue source like AP is beyond comprehension. Going for OTT release in AP, and simultaneously releasing the same in theatres across Telangana is not feasible at all. The entire theatrical return model and revenue system will turn upside down if Nagababu’s suggestions are to be followed. It really sounds amateurish.

While it is evident that Nagababu is urging the Telugu film industry to stand by Pawan Kalyan, his alternative solutions to the Jagan-PK issue are not viable, observers say.