chiranjeevi-godfatherMegastar Chiranjeevi’s GodFather released during the Dasara festival couldn’t create any wonders at the box office. Despite the decent talk, the remake factor, and the not-so-exciting second half ruined its prospects and the film ended up as a flop.

The film finished its entire run in the first week itself with negligible shares from the second and third weeks.

The film has been pulled off from most of the theaters in Hyderabad except for only one show in Prasads at 5:45 PM. That single show is also running with low occupancy.

When a film flops, the makers and its streaming partner decide to bring the film early on the OTT platform as the film is still fresh in people’s memory. But Netflix is also not showing any interest in bringing GodFather early as there is not much craze in the public to watch it asap.

The reports suggest that GodFather will premiere 8 weeks after its theatrical release which is the usual window for a big-star movie.