Netflix’s New Experiment Is a Mega DisasterOTT giant, Netflix has announced that they are banning password sharing. The OTT platform is using IP mapping to suspend accounts that are sharing passwords to people who are out of their households. An additional fee of $7.99 has to be paid per each additional user.

This experiment came to implementation in countries like USA and Spain very recently and it has already led to serious consequences for the OTT giant.

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As per reports, Netflix has lost significant paid subscribers in Spain alone after announcing the ban on password sharing. This is a staggering number in every sense and it is evident that the users haven’t reacted kindly to the new implementation of Netflix. Losing a million users at such a short notice is a mega disaster for Netflix.

It has to be seen what kind of reception the password-sharing ban is getting in the USA, which is a crucial market for the OTT platform.

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Netflix hasn’t yet announced its implementation in India. After seeing the response it got in Spain, will Netflix drop the idea of bringing it to effect in India? We have to wait and see.