Netflix Learns It From Amazon PrimeNo OTT platform has been as aggressive as Amazon Prime Video when it comes to acquiring post theatrical digital streaming rights.

More importantly, Amazon Prime Video has made it a tradition to stream the majority of its acquisitions just 4 weeks post the theatrical release. This has earned the platform a wide reach in the regional market.

The fact that Amazon Prime streamed biggies like Vakeel Saab and Master in just three weeks post theatrical release shows the aggressive approach taken by the platform. Now, Netflix is trying to emulate something on similar lines.

Netflix has started acquiring the post theatrical rights of mainstream biggies. They had recently fetched the digital rights of Maha Samudram, Shyam Singha Roy, and Virata Parvam.

But the thing with Netflix’s modus operandi is that the films acquired by the platform are often streamed several weeks after the theatrical release. This takes out the excitement factor.

Now that Netflix has taken a proactive stand in bagging digital streaming rights, it remains to be seen if they will get into the 4-week digital streaming window like Amazon Prime Video.

If Netflix does manage to strike relevant deals and start streaming the films while they are still relatively fresh, the platform might well give a strong fight to Amazon.