Netflix Fails to Beat Its Own!1899, a German mystery-horror series currently streaming on Netflix, is created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. The film is about a ship traveling from Britain to New York and encountering another ship that had been lost.

The creative team behind 1899 is the same that created the much-acclaimed Dark series and hence the expectations were high for the series.

The series has been receiving decent to good reviews. The first four episodes are very slow and the viewer loses his patience in trying to understand the plot. The viewers are lost with a lot of questions and confusion. The series picks up the pace from the 5th episode and keeps the audience decently hooked and booked. The series ends on a very confusing note, leaving an opportunity for a second season.

The music is weak and doesn’t elevate the proceedings as it did in Dark. The visuals and cinematography are absolutely stunning. The set design of the ship is immaculate. The performances are decent.

Overall the show is an engaging watch in parts but if you start watching it expecting it to be like DarK, which is one of the best International series on Netflix, you will be sorely disappointed.