Netflix DealsA few months back, Telugu film producers had taken a call to not put the name of the streaming portals during pre/post-release publicity of their films. The producers claimed that they are taking this decision to prompt the viewers to give their films a better chance at theatres.

But now all that has changed. The producers are proudly announcing their deals with streaming platforms even before the shooting is complete.

Chiranjeevi’s Bholaa Shankar has been bought by NetFlix, and the makers are proudly making announcements about this development. The film is still only 30-40% complete and the makers have already struck a deal. Similarly, Anushka and Naveen Polishetty’s film, which is still very far from its release, has also been bagged by Netflix, and already there is an official announcement.

Sai Dharam Tej’s Virupaksha, Kalyanram’s Amigos, and Sidhhu Jonnalagadda’s Tillu Square are other examples, though Tillu Square will still have some hype due to its sequel factor.

The producers were claiming that because of OTT deals and their announcements public are losing interest to watch their films in theaters. So they will avoid mentioning the names of OTT partners in the pre-release publicity material. But now they are openly and proudly announcing their ott deals and that too when the films are not even 50% complete.

This just goes to expose the double standards in the industry. These producers now shouldn’t complain if the viewers will think twice about buying a ticket for their movie.