Netflix-RajamouliNetflix has released the trending charts of the films that have garnered the highest viewing minutes following their debut on the platform. Incidentally, RRR isn’t on the list. Now, there’s a whole lot of uneducated crying on Rajamouli as a section says RRR wasn’t as big of a hit on Netflix.

But the fundamental flaw in the argument is that the list released by Netflix is for the period of opening 28 days. The stats pertaining to the viewing minutes in the list is for the first 28 days following the film’s premiere on Netflix.

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Notably, RRR was more of a late bloomer. It caught on and became a raging sensation in this west and other international markets a few weeks post the Netflix debut. At one point, it trended in top 10 positions in over 60 countries and that speaks for itself.

RRR had gone to pockets in the international markets where no other Indian film ever could. Now a section is taking an inconclusive trends chart on Netflix to undermine Rajamouli’s work – RRR. This is nothing but uneducated crying on the man who delivered a smashing success and made Indian cinema proud.

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