Netflix Apologies In Mahesh Babu's StyleInternational OTT platform Netflix  recently launched a Twitter handle with the name Netflix India South. The OTT giant vowed to promote its regional content(Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam content) through this new handle.

Incidentally, Netflix India South handle has been in the firing line as it rubbed Telugus on the wrong side. Telugu people on Twitter are opining that Netflix is belittling Telugu language by tweeting in the worst possible Telugu diction. In all fairness, tweets like “Playlist ceyandi, maja cestama” from Netflix India South handle does invite criticism, given their carelessness while tweeting the language.

Telugus on Twitter have been trolling and criticizing the platform for their lack of integrity. Well, all this backlash seems to have reached Netflix management and they have apologised and vowed to mend their ways in some style.

“Netflix India South ane nenu, ee handle admin ga, naa kartavyalanu shraddhatoh anthakaranashuddhitoh nirvahisthanani pramaanam chesthunnanu. It’s a promise,” Netflix India South handle tweeted earlier today.

This dialogue replicates the one mouthed by Mahesh Babu in Bharat Ane Nenu in which he promises to carry out his duty with utmost sincerity henceforth. Well, this is more or less the same what Netflix is trying to say. The OTT giant has promised to tweet in proper Telugu henceforth.