Nepotism-Director-Creating-Ruckus-on-YouTube‘Nepotism’ is always a hot debate that always ensures some publicity for the people who come out to talk against the star kids alleging that they are getting more chances than the common people. The trailer of the movie ‘Nepotism’ directly targeted the biggest stars of the industry.

Using actors who are lookalikes of Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun, Prabhas etc. and portraying them as common people who have no industry biggies to back them up, he seems to be showing the struggles that they would have undergone if they weren’t the star kids.

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The director, Vipul also showed the star kids as worthless and don’t have a chance if not for nepotism. The director was creating a ruckus on the YouTube channels with back-to-back interviews saying that he didn’t do that intentionally.

More than a dozen interviews are on YouTube promoting the movie at all levels. Suddenly, the team seems to be everywhere. Let’s wait and see how going against star heroes who had proven themselves turn out to be. Creating controversy for the heck of it wouldn’t work, anyway.

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