Nela Ticket Trailer Ravi TejaMass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Nela Ticket trailer is out, and it is exactly as per the expectations formed from the song clips and music. Still, it fails to impress, and that’s a problem.

The trailer makes no bones about the routine content. Nothing wrong with that, but even the predictable could be packaged freshly. Nela Ticket, the trailer fails in that. If the idea is to convince the viewers of absolutely no novelty in making and packaging, then the maker have succeeded big time. The trailer cut looks messy and overstuffed. Barring a dialogue, nothing makes an impact.

Check out the trailer below. Nela Ticket is a big test for Kalyan Krishna as a director. He has two successful films to his credit making him one of the promising young directors handling mass content in Telugu film industry. Will he be able to score a hat-trick? Nela Ticket hit screens on May 24th all over.