Nela Ticket - Bigger Test For Director Than Ravi TejaKalyan Krishna is an emerging and successful director in Telugu cinema. Unlike, some of the new age directors Kalyan Krishna is a hardcore mass masala director delivering out and out commercial films. Here a comparison can be made with another young gun Anil Ravipudi. Incidentally, both made their third ones with Mass Maharaja.

The problem is unlike Anil Ravipudi where he got all the credit for his success, Kalyan Krishna had to share it with Akkineni Nagarjuna. There has always been a talk in the industry that Nagarjuna took care of the final edit of Soggade Chinni Nayana and Rarandoi Veduka Choddam. That the senior star has a more significant role to play in the success of those movies.

With Nela Ticket the entire burden in on Kalyan Krishna. A success here would elevate his position among the younger set of mass directors. He will be getting bigger budgets and casts if he delivers. The coming Friday is therefore much more crucial for him compared to the lead despite the last outing of the star biting the dust.