Negativity on Alia to trouble NTR, Charan?Alia Bhatt is ready with two of the biggest dream projects of her career in the form of  Gangubai Khatiawadi and RRR. Out of them, Gangubai has released first and things are not that hunky dory to say.

Right after Sushanth Singh Rajput had passed away, Alia was dragged into the nepotism debate and got trolled heavily. Her OTT release, Sadak 2 was rated 1/10 on IMDB which is shockingly low.

Looks like the same is happening with Gangubai as well. Once again, a section of the audience have slammed Alia’s film and have rated it 1/10 on IMDB. Initially, it was 3.9/10 a few days back and now it has dropped to 1 which is quite disappointing for Alia and her fans.

Next in line for Alia is RRR movie. Now, the question is, will this negativity and hatred on her spill on RRR as well?

But one can say that more than Alia, the onus of RRR will be on director Rajamouli and looks like he can save the film from the negativity coming from north. Let’s see what happens.