Chammak Challo

The Telugu film Chamak Challo which hit the screens recently touches the concept of love among the youth of this generation. Featuring Sayaji Shinde, Varun Sandesh and Sanchita Padukone, the film narrates the story An NRI filmmaker played by Srinivas Avasarala who is looking for a story. Communication Professor Appa Rao then recounts to him a true life story of his two students which forms the most part of the film.

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Under the direction of Neelekanta, the actors have managed to hold their own pretty well. Since the plot is not very new, it fails to hold the capture of its audience which is further enhanced by the fact that the second half of the film is not very well executed. As for its other features, Kiran Varanasi’s music is soothing to the ears although technically speaking, the film is quite average by regular standards.