Neekinka Buddhi Raleda? RGV Asks HeroThe other day, news broke out that Sumanth Akkineni will be tying the knot with a lady named Pavithra. This is the second time he is entering the wedlock after a failed marriage with actress Keerthy Reddy, whom he divorced in 2006.

Reacting to the news about Sumanth’s second marriage, controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma came up with a typical response that has RGV mark stamped all over it.

“Oka saari ayyaka kooda neekinkaa buddhi raaledha @iSumanth ? Nee kharma , aa pavitra kharma🙏 Anubhavinchandi,” Varma tweeted.

The tweet vaguely translates to “You experienced it(marriage) once already. But didn’t you learn anything from it?”

While one would pass on congratulatory message after knowing his colleague or a contemporary is getting married. But RGV, being RGV came up with the kind of response one would expect from him.