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Needless Sequel Rejected Outright

Needless Sequel VIP 2 Rejected OutrightWhen actor Dhanush came out with his winning movie, VIP (Raghuvaran B.Tech in Telugu) it won the hearts of audiences from all walk of life as it told the story of an unemployed graduate and his struggle to make his place in an ungrateful world. The sequel VIP 2, set few years after the original movie, seems to take all the good things about VIP and turns it on its face.

It is an age old saga of a suffering husband played by Dhanush with a nagging wife who tries to control all his action. On the other end of the spectrum is an arrogant, rich woman Vasundhara played by Kajol who relies on her money and political connections to make her way in the world. This results in a classic ego clash and the rest of the film revolve around how Dhanush’ character tries to best Vasundhara at her own game.

Poorly written and with characters that seem to be a caricature of themselves, the film falls flat and has no charm. The film was rejected outright by the viewers if we go by reviews.