Nayanthara-Vs-Taapsee-Pannu---Two-Performers-Clashing,-This-Week There are no more big releases scheduled for this week either in Telugu or Tamil, but it is going to be an interesting one. Nayantara’s ‘Kolayuthir Kaalam’ and Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Game Over’ are going to clash at the box-office.

We are going to get to see theTelugu dubbed verdion of both the movies. Both the heroines are power-house of performers and the common thing about the movies is the genre. They are thrillers wherein the lead actress will get stuck in an abandoned bungalow.

Market wise, Nayantara is the lady superstar snd therefore, she has a wider reach. Though Taapsee has earned good name in Bollywood, she is yet to be a right competitor for a star like Nayan down South.

Taapsee said that playing the character was physically and mentally challenging for her. Nayan has played such challenging roles before. Let’s see who wins the race in this clash.