Nayanthara---Kolamaavu-KokilaNayanthara is in full swing with handful projects in multiple languages. The actress is playing important role in Chiranjeevi’s most awaited Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy and there is Kolamaavu Kokila in Tamil which is planned for a release this July. But the film is being speculated to be a free make of the American drama series Breaking Bad from Netflix.

Speculation is that both the stories have a similarity of the lead actor trying to clear their debts using the drug smuggling deals. However, the director, Nelson denies the same stating that his film is nowhere related to Breaking Bad and one would know that only as they watch the film.

Depicting that Breaking Bad’s script cannot be matched to do a Tamil film as the flavors won’t please the audience here, whereas Kolamaavu Kokila has all that a Tamil film needs, such as emotion, family drama, and comedy. Well, the film is making the touch-ups to release the film as scheduled and we will know if the speculations are true.