Nayantara's No baby bump triggers curiosity!
There is a lot of buzz about a remake of the highly successful super hit Bollywood movie ‘Kahaani’ and recently we heard some news about the cast for the remake. While it was decided that the film’s name would be ‘Anamika’ directed by Sekhar Kammula, some new information has been recently revealed and we hear that the lead actress Nayanthara will not be showing a baby bump the way Vidya Balan did in ‘Kahaani’. In fact the Telugu remake will have some things very different.

While the story remains the same following a woman’s search for her lost husband, the actress will not have a fake pregnant bump. Many objected to this decision of Shekhar Kammula but he maintained that women “are equally susceptible” regardless of the pregnancy and it’s mostly a matter of individual perception therefore, there will be no changes. He doesn’t want to make an exact replica of the Hindi version of the film. Let’s hope that whatever the changes be brought in will not spoil the curiosity in the original version.