Nayantara School Boy Lip-lock, Nayantara School Boy Lip-lock Kiss, Nayantara Lip Kiss School Boy, Nayantara Lip Kiss School Kid, Nayantara Lip Kiss Boy, Nayantara Lip Kiss School Boy ViralActress Nayanthara and controversy always go hand in hand whether it is intended or not. Earlier there was the ‘beer’ purchasing controversy for one of her film and now it’s a lip lock.

It all started with a video and followed by numerous memes on social media with the Nayanthara kiss at the center. It wouldn’t have been much of an issue but the kiss here was involving a small kid. This has got everyone’s attention with the kid being glorified as “luckiest” soul.

This glorification has finally turned into controversy as a section of people have found it offensive and symptomatic of ill perception of women in society. All they say is if the scene was reversed and an old man kissing a young girl, how would these same people react? Would it still be made fun of? Well, they have their point but not many seem to know the actual intent or context in which the director put such a scene. As usual, things have been blown out of proportions.

Watch here Nayantara’s Lip-lock scene with School Boy