Time and again, in one or the other Nayantara always becomes the target of gossipmongers because of her previous relationship with ex-lover Shimbu. Once there had been a time when Nayan was in love with Shimbu and when he took advantage of the love and clicked some intimate photos of kissing and released them on internet. Those photos went viral and Nayan became a hot topic for those hot photos.

Recently, once again Nayan and Shimbu’s hot bedroom photos have been leaked on internet causing a lot of anxiety for the actress. The ex-lovers have moved on in their lives and meanwhile Nayan got into a relationship with Prabhu Deva even. Having even broken up from him, at present Nayan is single. Professionally she is once again romancing Shimbu, her ex-lover for an upcoming Tamil movie ‘Idu Namma Aalu’.

Coming to the hot photos leaked recently, Nayan clarifies that they are the scenes recently shot for her Tamil movie with her ex-lover and not the real life photographs. But since Nayan and Shimbu looked so passionate and involved, until Nayan’s clarification many thought the photos to be their real life romance pics. Needless to say, of late anything concerning Nayan becomes a news by default.