nayanathara director vignesh in romeActress Nayanatara is one favourite baby of the gossip mongers who is constantly under camera eye. She is professionally on high regarding her filmy career with back to back good performances and super hits. More than her films, a popular media is more keen on digging her personal details, collecting her personal photographs and circulating rumors on her.

According to that media report, Nayan is presently in Rome with her boyfriend, director Vignesh Shivan. The director planned for a big holiday for the actress to celebrate her 31st birthday. In detail, the reports came on the said media how Nayan was given a special treatment on her birthday, the dinner and where they had been to etc.

If the media reports are to be believed, Nayan isn’t going to return any time soon as the duo have planned for an elaborate trip to other countries as well, besides Rome. The media reports are focusing more on her alleged relationship than her professional achievements.