Flirting, flattering and buttering are three different kind of things which actually can be seen in every walk of life. During the recent Vijay Awards function held in Chennai, actor Vijay Sethupathy was seen flattering Nayanatara publicly on stage. When the host asked who would he like to kidnap to a lonely area, his immediate answer was Nayanatara. He said that her beauty is irresistible. Needless to say Nayan was seen blushing for the compliment.

Vijay Sethupathy and Vijay Ilayapathy are different. People easily get confused with these two names. Ilayapathy Vijay is one of the top heroes in Kollywood but Vijay Sethupathy is known for doing challenging roles. Of late Nayanatara was offered a movie to pair up with Vijay Sethupathy who till dates has only small names playing his heroines. According to the sources, Nayan agreed to romance Vijay in an upcoming Tamil movie. Seems flattering paid off for Vijay.