Ram Charan dance

It was a cake walk for Allu Arjun to the Number one spot for the best dancer in Tollywood. But it is not confirmed until Ram Charan’s Nayak release for this Sankranthi says our sources. The actor had reportedly performed some breath taking movements in the movie and the sample of which can be seen in the video song of laila laila song leaked on to internet. Like never in any film industries in India, dance plays a vital role in deciding the star value of an actor in Telugu. It is no exaggeration to say dance played a major role in propelling Chiranjeevi to the Number one spot then. We shall now see where some of our best dancers stand.

Entered as scion of the Nandamuri family, NTR took rigorous training inclassical dances much before his debut. Despite his heavy body, he delivered excellent dances movements in his initial days of his career which got him super following in masses. The unfortunate accident after 2009 election campaign seem to have taken a toll on the actor’s body that he slowed down a bit. He is now in deep pressure from fans to come up with good performance in Badshah.

Allu Arjun:
Allu Arjun is one actor who brought in experimentation in dances. He had given chances to number of new choreographers and drew the best in them. His dances in Arya-2 and Badrinath were topnotch. The actor suffers injuries dancing every film of his that speaks of the efforts he put in that department. Had he got the mass image like NTR and Charan, he would have been real threat for Number one position.


Ram Pothineni who made his debut with YVS Chowdary’s Devadas is always good in dances since his first movie and he is keeping on improving in that department from every movie to the other. The actor despite choosing classy subjects for most his movies is keeping good efforts to embed more and more mass elements in the movie.

Ram Charan:
Entered in to the industry under the great shadow of Megastar Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan always has to bear the weight of huge expectations in dances from fans and audience given he is the son of a mighty dancer. Charan had been up to the mark till now. And the latest reports we hear that he will take the dances to next level in his upcoming movie Nayak which is releasing for Sankranthi. The recently leaked laila laila video song confirms the same. With the industry’s biggest blockbuster Magadheera to his credit already and Mass Masala director Vinayak directing Nayak, the movie is going to be very very big if it garners decent hit talk.