Ram charan Nayak

The film Naayak which features Kajal Aggarwal and Amala Paul as the lead actors is set to hit the screens on the 9th of January, 2013. With that in mind, Producer DVV Danayya seems to have a lot of hope for this film. The story of the son’s struggle in accomplish his father’s expectation and realize his goals, the film has a unique aura that has been carried out excellently by actor Ram Charan.

The story is about Ram (Charan)’s struggle to fulfill his father’s ambition . He has worked with sincerity since this film demands that he carry an aura totally different from the rest of his films. Kajal and Amala have a good mix of glamour and varied emotions in their roles and they have carried it of well,” said Danayya.

Besides, Danayya seems to pinning a lot on the collaboration between actor Ram Charan and director VV Vinayak and he seems to think that the duo will yield a winning success. “Vinayak’s collaboration with Ram Charan will yield bigger outputs than his previous association with megastar Chiranjeevi. His utmost dedication and relentless hard work will make ‘Naayak’ rise above expectations,” said Danayya.