Click Here for First Look Teaser (Released Today)

Nayak Teaser

Music Director Thaman has just confirmed that the teaser of the movie “Nayak” isn’t complete yet. Total bummer, right? Just when we thought that this Monday is not like any other Monday because we have the teaser of “Nayak” to look forward to, turns out to be just like any other boring and mundane Monday (mundane Monday – that sort of came out nice, right?)

It seems the crew is still working hard to give the finishing touches to the official teaser. Thaman has guaranteed that the trailer has so far come out pretty nice and is nothing short of outstanding. That should definitely whet our appetites for now. No official release date for the trailer has been given but expect it to come out any time now as the movie has been slated for a January 2013 release. It is certainly a disappointing news for all the fans eagerly waiting for the trailer to come out but it is good to know that the crew of ‘Nayak” is putting in a considerate amount of effort to make sure that the trailer comes out good.