Naveen Polishetty's Association with Sushanth Singh RajputNaveen Polishetty, the actor who surprised with his talent in ‘Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya’ is one of those guys who had to struggle before he was noticed. In a recent interview, Naveen revealed his struggle before being recognised.

Both Vijay Deverakonda and Naveen Polishetty started their journey together as they tried theatre first. The duo even did a workshop and spent time with each other for several days together. Now, if he wants to do a film with Deverakonda, maybe, he has to wait for at least, five years.

However, Naveen is happy that Vijay has gone that far. ‘Chhichcore’ was Naveen Polishetty’s Bollywood card in which he starred alongside Sushanth Singh Rajput, the upcoming hero who committed suicide five days ago. The movie had multiple leads and all of them came from families with no filmy background.

Naveen narrated an incident when a casting director mistook him for Malayalam Star Nivin Pauly and took the audition of Naveen Polishetty and eventually, he was there in the film that won appreciation for dealing the subject of depression.