Hair Fall

Losing hair is a very painful thing be it for ladies or gents. Given the current polluted conditions, you are ought to lose some strands every days. Here are few natural tips which can arrest hair fall.

1. Take regular head baths with mild shampoo and conditioner. This is must even if you do not have any hair fall.

2. Squeeze juice out of an onion and apply it till roots. It may smell foul but will come handy. Bath with a mild shampoo and conditioner after an hour. You can find the difference in a couple of months’ time, if used bi-weekly. Even garlic and ginger juice can be used to the same effect.

3. Take some water and add few fenugreek seeds in it and allow them to soa overnight. In the morning grind them to paste and add some drops of coconut or olive oil and apply to the scalp and hair. Allow it to stay on for at least 2 hours and then wash it off with shampoo. Using this twice a week will decrease hair fall within a month.

4. Green Tea can also do good to hair due to the presence of rich antioxidants. Soak couple of green tea bags in water and apply it to scalp when warm. Stay for an hour and wash it off.

5. Squeeze out milk from fresh grated coconut and apply it to scalp and massage. You can feel refreshment almost immediately.

6. Boil dried amla with coconut oil and wait till it turns black. Use it to your scalp twice a week for two months to get thicker and shinier hair.