KCR Telangana cm photo

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao’s statement of breaking necks and burying 10Kms under ground those who disrespect Telangana have gone like a wildfire across the country. National media have taken these comments very seriously and is ripping apart KCR and TRS party for the statements intended to intimidate press.

Times Now and NDTV had aired prime time debates on the incident and has given Left-Right-Center to the TRS Spokespersons trying to defend KCR’s words. KCR’s daughter, Kavitha and MP Vinod were the most to take the wrath of the national media unable to defend the actions of the Chief Minister. Popular News Channel, Times Now has sent in a flurry of tweets against the Chief Minister calling him a Hitler CM.

No sooner the junta at twitter made the hashtag #HitlerCM trend across the nation in the social networking site. The incident not only troubled TRS but also cornered the ruling BJP party which is struggling to rein the KCR and ensure the channels are unblocked from the last 3 months. It may be recalled that the transmission of TV9 and ABN-Andhra Jyothy were stopped in Telangana state for almost 3 months by the MSOs of the state. The state government has been evading from the issue by calling the issue a difference in business terms between the News channels and MSOs.

Here is what the Twitverse (TimesNow) has to say about KCR’s comments.

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This is sheer intimidation & threat. What would they have done to me if I had made such a statement: Arati Jerath, Sr Journalist #HitlerCM

I think the greatest insult to the new state is that it is represented by such a CM: Hartosh Singh Bal #HitlerCM