Nasser’s son recovering from accident

Popular character artist Nasser’s son, Faizal, had a major accident earlier today in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. Faizal along with his friends were on a journey when this destructive accident happened. Three of Faizal’s friends were dead on the stop while Faizal along with a friend had severe injuries leaving the entire industry shell shocked.

Faizal and the other injured friend had been immediately admitted to hospital and the good news now is that they are said to be recovering from the accident. Faizal is out of the fatality aspect of the accident but since he has lost so much blood, it will take time for him to regain consciousness, said the doctors attending him. His friend however is still battling for his life. Whole industry is shocked with this news and is wishing a speedy recovery for Faizal and his friend. We too wish a speedy for both of them.