Southern actor Nasser’s son Faizal, who recently met with a tragic road accident, has undergone surgery and is fast recovering, said doctors who have treated. It’s too early to say he’s fine but the doctors assure that he is out of danger. This news has come as a big relief for Nasser and his family, who were literally shaken by the incident.

In the accident, three of Faizal’s friends died on the spot and one is critically injured in the hospital. According to police report, the reason for accident was over speed and the driver had lost control of the car while negotiating a curve. Nasser was shooting in the city for a Tamil film when he learned about the news and rushed to the hospital with his wife and two other sons. Ever since the news broke out, there has been a report in the media that Nasser’s eldest son got injured in the accident and he’s making his acting debut in Saivam. But, it was Faizal, Nasser’s second who met with the accident and Luthfudeen, who is making his acting debut.

We still don’t know when will Faizal be discharged from the hospital, but since the worst has already happened let’s just wish him speedy recovery.