The trailer for Poonam Pandey’s highly awaited erotic movie ‘Nasha’, secretly anticipated by almost everyone, is out now and is just as promising as suspected. Although the actress has revealed a great deal about the movie through her continuous tweets, the sizzling promo of her upcoming movie proved that it was not all just for say. The director of the film, Amit Saxena, who directed the film ‘Jism’ says that the movie gives an intriguing account of love, passion, sins, lust, and a lot more.

Just as the tagline of the film states “In the world temptation romance is temporary but addiction is forever”, the promos portray her best talents in a much more classy way than what her posts revealed. In the preview we see her approaching the many men in her life while sporting what seems like a semi-transparent gown. On seeing the trailer it seems that film might be worth a watch!