'Nasha' of promotion!

Actress Poonam Pandey’s upcoming movie ‘Nasha’ which has been in enough controversies already is again in yet another one. The debutante actress’ declaration of the fact that she is not in favor of the release, or rather the “leak”, of a “fake MMS”, featuring the actress taking a bath, in order to promote her film ‘Nasha’ created quite an uproar in the media and on the social networking websites. She stated that it was released without her consent and is unhappy about that.

However producer Aditya Bhatia states his own reasons saying ‘Nasha’ is a bold film and they had to take such measures for the promotion of the movie. He said that as the producer of the film, he has to take some confident steps and show what Poonam’s fans expect to see. Further, they don’t have any kind of agreement with the actress that mentions anything such as “no use of MMS”.