Naresh’s Partner Pavithra Approaches Cyber PoliceActor Naresh and his partner Pavitra often make headlines. After the recent feud with Naresh’s ex-wife, his relationship with Pavitra had been all over the news. There are several memes on social media about the same.

Cut to now, Pavitra has approached Hyderabad cyber police over all the social media trolls and memes.

In her complaint, Pavitra mentioned that social media pages are spreading morphed images of her and Naresh to an extent where they’re offending their feelings.

The actress complained against a few TV channels and social media pages that have been targeting the pair. She requested the police to take stringent action against the culprits.

The police have lodged the complaint and further investigation is underway now.

Well, it is becoming increasingly common for celebrities to approach cyber crime police over social media hate. Pavitra has done the same now and that’s understandable, given the amount of trolls pertaining to her and Naresh.

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