Naresh_Gachibowli_House_AttackedVeteran actor Naresh is in the news again. He has been involved in quite a few controversies in the recent past. His personal life has always made it to the headlines. Earlier this year, he announced he is dating actress Pavitra Lokesh and would marry her soon. He has already been married thrice and is yet to divorce his third wife Ramya Raghupathi.

He is back in the news again as he lodged a police complaint that his house in Gachibowli has been attacked and his caravan was damaged by a few unknown people last night. In the complaint, he said that his wife Ramya and her team might be behind this attack.

He added that she wants to get him killed and hence these attacks are being done. He has also submitted the CCTV footage to the cops. The cops have registered a case and the investigation is on.

For the past many months, Naresh and Ramya have been putting allegations against each other and there seems to be no end to this drama.