Naresh Son Naveen, Naresh Son Naveen Six Pack BMW Gift, Naresh Son Naveen Vijaya Six Pack Nirmala BMW Gift,  Naresh Son Naveen Vijaya Nirmala BMW Gift,Naresh’s son Naveen Vijay Krishna is going to make his debut as a hero with ‘Nandini Nursing Home‘ this Friday. He is the third generation actor in his family after his grandmother Vijaya Nirmala and senior actor Naresh.

Vijaya Nirmala revealed that her grandson was very fat and they used to call him ‘Motu’. The young actor followed a special diet and gym schedule to lose the extra flab and achieve fit abs. He was presented with BMW car for the way he could train himself not only physically but also for his mental perseverance by her granny Vijaya Nirmala.

When Naveen was two years old, he acted in a film titled ‘Shankaravam’ with Mahesh Babu. Even Mahesh Babu was in teenage then. He had to lift Naveen in the movie. But, he had to struggle hard to lift the boy as Naveen was very fat in childhood.