Actor NareshTollywood actor Naresh and his longtime companion Pavitra had recently announced that they are getting married soon. Now, Naresh has filed for divorce from his third wife, Ramya.

Naresh has filed a complaint with the High Court, saying his wife Ramya is partnering with a man named Rohit Shetty and is trying to kill him.

In his complaint, Naresh wrote that Ramya had taken several costly ornaments from him and his family and had also taken many loans with his name. He alleged that Ramya has hired a gang to eliminate him physically.

Naresh stated that Ramya had been torturing him mentally and physically for a long time now and that is the reason why he is seeking divorce. He even added that a gang broke into his house in April 2022 and this could be the work orchestrated by Ramya.

Naresh concluded that he needs divorce from Ramya immediately so that he can move on with his life peacefully.