Naresh have not asked any heroine to sleep with meSenior actor Naresh has some fixed opinions on how a man-woman relationship has evolved in this society from polygamous to monogamy with the institution of marriage. He says that he respects the institution of marriage and never asked any heroine to sleep with me to give them roles.

He reminisces one incident when a fan asked him if he had many girl friends. He says ‘Yes’, he likes and loves women. Moreover he respects them. He is a more a friend to those girlfriends and never insults them by asking them to sleep with them.

Not only the fan, one of his co-stars asked him why he never asked that thing. She asked him when Naresh came to her marriage. If he had made that indecent proposal, she wouldn’t have called him to her marriage treating him as a friend. Naresh thinks women are born to be respected and loved.