Khaidi No.150, Dhruva Movie Release Date ConfusionPrime Minster Narendra Modi and actor’s Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan – in reality, the former has no connection with the latter father and son duo. But when it comes to practicality and profession, the Prime Minister of the country has put father and son at loggerheads with each other.

There is nothing confusing here. The recent Modi’s sensational decision of demonetization is what has caused the trouble. Ideally, Ram Charan would have arrived on December 2 and looked for a good run for one month before father Chiranjeevi made his grand comeback on big screen. But now with the currency issue and audiences interest in movies, Charan’s Dhruva is getting postponed.

The problem is where to reschedule its release? It can’t go either too near to father’s Khaidi No 150 or it can’t go too far. It also can’t take Khaidi No 150 place as the business done for the film is way too high to be recovered in any other period. It gets difficult in summer period for example because there will be multiple big films releasing in that time along with the mighty Baahubali 2.

Right now it’s a question of “who?” to go for postponement among the father and son and they are yet undecided at this moment. And this is how a Prime Minister without even trying to, has put a family, an industry in a tailspin.