Venkatesh Narappa on Amazon Prime VideoVictory Venkatesh’s Naraappa is confirmed for a Direct-to-OTT deal on Amazon Prime Video. The movie will have the Digital Premiere on July 20th. Venkatesh fans are very disappointed with this decision as they desperately want to see the movie on the big screen since their favorite hero will be seen in a complete mass avatar after a long time.

Along with the fans, director Srikanth Addala is also disappointed big time with this decision. The director bagged a massive disaster with his last film, Brahmotsavam, and needs this film to prove himself. A theatrical release would allow to gauge the movie’s success but it will not be the case with an OTT release.

Since it is a remake, he will further go unnoticed. So, this decision has come as a big disappointment for the director. Srikanth Addala previously directed Venkatesh in Seetha Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Along with Narappa, we are told that Venkatesh’s Drushyam 2 is also going to OTT.

Disney + Hotstar has bagged the Direct-to-OTT rights of Drushyam 2.