Narappa Amazon Prime Video Release Date AnnouncedSenior producer Suresh Babu has finally ended the speculations around his film. The star producer has announced about Narappa starring Venkatesh Daggubati is heading for an OTT release. Narappa is also set to premiere on July 20 on Amazon Prime Video.

The decision by Suresh Babu is certain to hurt and upset Venkatesh Daggubati fans who were hoping the team to skip the OTT release and only head for theatrical release. Meanwhile, the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce had initiated talks with the senior producer where the former is said to have given an ultimatum to producers to wait till October.

Apart from Narappa, Suresh Babu also has Viratapa Parvam and Drushyam 2. All such biggies heading for OTT are a bane for the exhibitors. But looks like Suresh Babu has no hopes of things getting better in the offing, which has prompted him to opt OTT way.

Now, with Suresh Babu taking this move, it is to be seen how other producers too would react. Narappa is the remake of the Tamil hit Asuran. The original got rave reviews, so how the remake will fare is awaited.